Saturday, February 22, 2020

Unit 5 Individual project 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 5 Individual project 2 - Essay Example Quality can be defined in relation to both technical excellence and humane approach. â€Å"By technical quality care we mean that the patient receives only the procedure tests, or services for which the desired health outcomes exceed the health risks by a sufficiently wide margin; and that each of these procedures or services is performed in a technically excellent manner. The second component of quality care is that all patients wish to be treated in a humane and culturally appropriate manner and be invited to participate fully in deciding about their therapy.† (Robert H.Brook et al). In short quality in health care is fundamentally based on the two above-mentioned factors. â€Å"Getting quality health care can help you stay healthy and recover faster when you become sick. However, we know that often people do not get high quality care. A 2004 study of 12 large US communities found that just over half (54.9%) of people were receiving the care they needed.† (AHRQ Homepage: ). Everywhere, people looking for health care confront the problem that there is no uniform standard to measure quality. Thus it has become imperative to measure quality of care offered by healthcare service providers. Therefore, with a view to help patients choose the right treatment most suited to their personal needs, more and more public and private groups are developing and using quality measures based on the principles of right health plan, the right doctor, the right treatment, the right hospital, the best long term facility. Thus it can be seen that quality measures make available the necessary information which patients can assimilate to help them take a right decision about their treatment. In order to ascertain quality there are certain available parameters such as process measure, outcome measures and structural measures. In order to determine which one of these is the best, a deeper and wider study is called for. Each satisfies certain requirements

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